About Us

Founder – Aaron Mains

About motiv8

I am Aaron Mains the founder of Motiv8 Apparel. I have set up Motiv8 Apparel in the aim of producing top quality affordable products for all shapes and sizes that you will feel comfortable in and look even better. 

My Story

I have always found that, and after asking friends they thought the same but whenever I attend a gym the bigger built guys or girls tend to wear there own gym wear, and after asking a few people of bigger build its simply because A, brands don’t go to there size, B they are muscle tee or skinny fit or C they just don’t feel comfortable in other branded clothing due to the smaller sizes.

Originally I was going to market solely at sizes XL plus in both men’s and women’s but after research I have found that the target audience is too small a margin so I am going to be doing all sizes from size Small to XL Plus in most items. My unique selling point is that there is a reason behind the name Motiv8 and I believe it is apparent and powerful for every individual who exercises whether that be walking, cycling, CrossFit or a regular gym goer.

The reason I chose the name Motiv8 is that the word Motivate is to encourage , inspire and drive someone to achieve something. That something could be a lifelong dream, to complete a walk or just simply getting out of the house. I myself suffer from mental health but I have found ways of coping in fitness, and by having a wonderful supporting family and group of friends who motivate me every day and that could be to do something little but it’s the motivation that keeps me going. So I chose the name Motiv8 for the reason that it means a lot to me and I believe everybody will reach there dreams or goals by either being motivated or getting motivated and what better way to do that than to wear a branded logo that has such a powerful meaning.

With each order people make they will receive a printed motivational quote.